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Those red stains can really become a problem

Whether you have a tribe of kids that routinely spill kool-aid on your carpet or a three-year-old that likes to leave their popsicle to melt on the floor.  You can only do so much with rugs and creative furniture placement. If you are tired of seeing those red stains all over your house read on and I will show you how to remove red stains from carpet easily and permanently.

First things first what is the red stain from?

Not all stains are created equal, so we need to be specific about what the red stain is from.  Many stains in your carpet can be red and not all of them are removed the same way. 

In this article, I will cover red stains from things like kool-aid, popsicles, sports drinks, fruit punch, and pretty much anything with a synthetic red dye in it. If you are not sure if there is a red dye in it just look at the ingredient list and it will be listed there as (red #40, or #3).  If there is no dye listed then you will need to check out my other article for removing wine or natural fruit juice.  Other things that can also cause red staining is candle wax and red wine.  These reds will not be removed with this method either. However, this method does work well on most blue stains as well.

Now that the red stain is identified let us get started.

You will need several things to do this job.  First, keep in mind this is not a home remedy this is a pro technique.  I cringe when I see some of the things that people do to there carpet in the hope of something pulling out the stain they want so desperately to get rid of.  Please don’t do something that you will regret because somebody posted a remedy on facebook. Do it right so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong and making the spot worse or impossible to remove.  So to do it right you will need to get a specific cleaning product to do it. This product is made specifically for red stains and it works very well for what it is designed to do.  I have removed hundreds of red spots for clients and it rarely fails to remove the stain.

Things you will need:

  1. Red One (ready to use spray)
  2. Spray bottle with carpet cleaning product in it
  3. Something to rinse with (shop vac or home carpet cleaner)
  4. Rubber gloves


Optional items: For technique #2

  • Steam Iron or wallpaper steamer
  • Towels


To do this job (If you are patient) is a bottle of Red One and something to rinse with that’s all.  However, if you are like me and are not patient I will teach you how to do the optional technique and get it out right away.

Technique #1  Removing red stains from carpet the slow way.


What we tend to forget about when we want to remove a red stain on the carpet is what else was in whatever was spilled.  Sugar was in it almost without fail and lots of it. So the first step to removing any red stain from your carpet is to rinse it clean.  If you don’t do this step what will happen is after the red stain is gone the area will attract dirt because of all the sugar that is left behind.

First of all always protect your hands when working with any cleaning products so put on your gloves.  Then douse the area of the stain with your carpet cleaning spray and rinse it very well. If you have a carpet cleaning machine spray your cleaning product on the carpet and rinse it with clear water in your machine.  If not spray your cleaner on the spot and then suck it out with a shop vac then apply water and suck it out again.  You may want to do this several times because the sugar and syrups that are used in these drinks are extremely sticky and will attract soil if they are not removed.  Think about the last time you spilled a sugary drink on a hard floor and it was sticky for the next week, so rinse rinse rinse.

Now you are ready to remove the red stain for your carpet.

Ready? Ok, here we go.  Spray the red one on the red stain…

That is it just wait…and wait some more.  This can take quite some time in some cases hours. If you are lucky it will only take minutes but that is not typical.  In most cases just go about your day (shopping, to lunch, a movie). Yes, I know who has time for all of that. Seriously just go about your day and forget about it for a couple of hours then check it out.  Most of the time the red stain will have been removed. If that is the case rinse in again and you’re done it won’t come back it’s gone forever. Unless you didn’t get all the sugar out, in that case, you will need to clean the area again if it starts to attract soil.

Technique #2  Removing red stains from carpet the fast way.

Who in the world wants to wait hours to get a stain out of their carpet.  I don’t want to sit back and cross my fingers say a little prayer and hope that it comes out.  I want it gone now, not later now.

So here is the fast way.

First, do the same thing as before rinse all of the sugar out of the carpet before we work on getting the red out.  Only now after you spray the Red One on the stain you are going to need a steam iron or wallpaper steamer (yes I know why in the world would you have a wallpaper steamer).  Well if you did have one I wouldn’t need to warn you that you could damage your steam iron doing what’s next.  It will probably be fine but I just wanted to warn you first.

Ok now that you are worried about your iron (don’t worry too much I have a technique that will help with that) let’s get that stain out.  After you spray the stain with the Red One you will need to fill your iron with water and set it to a medium or to a low steam setting. Now take a white (not colored) terrycloth towel and make sure it’s an old one because you will be throwing it away what you are done.

You will want to get the towel good and wet, not dripping but very wet.  Next, take your iron and the towel to the stain. Plug the iron in and let it heat up.  Then put the wet towel on top of the stain (to minimize the chance of damage to the iron fold the towel over two or three times).  Now put the hot iron on the wet towel and leave it there for 2 minutes. If the spot is large move the iron to a new part of the spot every 2 minutes.  Many time this will not take the full 2 minutes you can check it after 1 minute and if it is gone you can move your iron to the next section of the spot.

That’s it your red stain should be gone.  If for some reason it Is not apply more Red One and steam again.  Make sure if your towel starts to dry out you re-wet it again. After you have removed the spot you will need to rinse the area one more time and then you are done.

Now if your red stain didn’t come out of your carpet.  You were probably mistaken about the source of the stain.  Remember if this is from something other than synthetic red dye this will not take it out.

When you are done make sure to wipe the bottom of your iron with a clean towel or scrubbing pad to get it clean.

Well that’s it you are done no more red stain.

I hope this article helped you to keep your home looking great.