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One of the most common stains I come across as a professional is a wine stain.

Most Of The Time it’s just a couple of dribbles from a glass. Sometimes however I really crossed big wine stains.   I once had 5 whole bottles spilled in one spot, never start at the top when you’re cleaning your wine rack. Now these spills aren’t always on the carpet they can be on furniture clothing as well.

It doesn’t really matter what the wine is spilled on the method for removal stays the same.

Red wine is one of those things that can really freak you out if you spill it.  Most of the time we stand there staring at this red stain thinking great now what do I do.  What we really need to do is just take a deep breath not panic. Yeah right I know that’s not going to happen we’re going to panic and where do we go for advice, the internet of course.  I did a search to see what was on the internet for removing wine stains. All I have to say is “wow” there is a lot of ways to clean wine on the internet, and I use none of them. Some of them are pretty complicated I saw one that was five steps to remove a wine stain.  Some of the common ones that I found were Salt, white wine, and hydrogen peroxide. Most of these you will probably find will be somewhat successful in some situations. However, you probably want to “know” the spot is going to come out rather than hoping the spot will come out.  

So how do I remove wine stains?

Well, it’s pretty easy if you know what to do and you have the right cleaning product. So let’s get into it.

What you will need for this job?

  1. Stain one
  2. gloves


Well, that’s it one product keep it on hand and it will pull any wine stain out of carpet as well as upholstery and clothing. Now I know this product is pricey but keep in mind it can be used on much more than wine. This product will also work to pull out coffee, tea, and fruit juice as well as pet stains and can be used from your carpet to your clothing, this is a great product.

How to remove wine stains on carpet?

First things first never use this product without gloves it’s strong and can sting your skin.

So here is what you do, just spray it on the spot and walk away. What you will see right away is the spot will instantly change color from red to blue. then in a short period of time it will turn from blue to yellow and then from the yellow it will slowly fade away to nothing the whole process takes about a 1/2 hour.

Carpet typically won’t give you any problems however I do recommend testing this product first in an area such as a closet just to make sure that the color is stable in your carpet.  it’s not likely that color will be pulled out. That being said I have run into one carpet in over 25 years that did lose color and was unable to use this. But like I said this is very unlikely but always test anyway. Just spray this down on your carpet and let it dry if the color is the same then it’s safe to use To remove your wine stain.

Now after the stain is gone you might want to rinse this area with water just in case. Wine has some sugar in it and can sometimes be slightly sticky so rinsing it can alleviate the chance of  re-soiling

How to remove wine stains on furniture?

What you will need.

  1. Stain one or Stain Magic for Wool
  2. Spray bottle with water or upholstery cleaner.
  3. gloves

This can be a little more complicated some furniture can be damaged by this product. So what you need to find out is what fabric is on your furniture.  It’s not too difficult to find out what you need to do is unzip one of your cushions. Then snip a small piece of fabric from inside your cushion behind your zipper. Now take that piece and hold it over your sink and light it on fire. I know it sounds crazy right trust me this is the easiest way to find out if you can use this product on your furniture. I know you’re thinking I can just read the tag. I wish it were that easy but it’s not the case never trust your tag.

Here’s what you need to look for when you light the fabric on fire if it melts and drips you are good to go your fabric is synthetic and is safe to treat with this product. However, if you burn it and it burns to an ash that continues to glow after the flame extinguished you will need to get Stain Magic for Wool instead. This means that you have a cotton fiber that can be damaged when using a product like Stain One. If you do have a cotton fiber I will still tell you how to get the spot out however if you spent a lot of money on this sofa you may want to have a professional take your wine spot out to avoid the chance of damage.

Remove wine stains from synthetic fabrics.


So if you’re lucky and have a synthetic fabric all you need to do is after testing the fabric in an inconspicuous area and letting it dry to verify that your color is stable. First, spray the whole cushion that you are treating with either water or upholstery cleaner, you will want to get it thoroughly damp but not sopping wet.  After you spray the water or upholstery cleaner either brush it lightly with a soft brush or just wipe your hand over it just to make sure that the cushion is evenly damp. This will help eliminate any chance of water spotting as a cushion dries. Then spray the wine stain and leave it alone. It will react the same way as on the carpet just leave it alone and it will fade out.  Once the spot is faded out it’s a good idea to dry the cushion as fast as possible. You can do this by setting up a fan or using a blow dryer.

Remove wine stains from cotton fibers.

Now if you have a cotton fiber and still want to attempt to remove the stain you can do so. Bear in mind there is a chance of damage to the fibers.  The damage will consist of making the fibers slightly more brittle also with cotton fibers there’s a chance of a browning of the fibers. Best way to avoid any Browning will be to get the cushion dry after treatment as fast as possible.  What I would recommend first is trying to clean it with just a standard upholstery cleaner. Just to see if you can get it out without a stain remover. Now, remember you’re going to need to use Stain Magic for wool and not the stain one product. This product comes with a neutralizing agent so when the stain is gone you can spray it with the neutralizer and the chemical reaction will stop immediately and not continue to damage the fibers.

So what you need To do first is, of course, test the product in an inconspicuous area. Then just as with the synthetic fiber wet the whole cushion that you’re going to be treating with water or upholstery cleaner. Then either wipe it with your hand or a soft brush to make sure that it’s evenly damp over the entire cushion. Next, treat the wine stain with the Stain Magic for wool and watch it work. As soon as you are happy with the result spray the neutralizer on the wine stain. after you spray the neutralizer take a cotton towel and absorb any excess you don’t want to leave it soaking wet. after you’re done it’s a good idea to dry the cushion as fast as possible with cotton I recommend a blow dryer to get it dry as fast as possible.

Removing wine stains from clothing.

what you will need.

  1. Stain one.
  2. gloves

This is the easiest of all. All you need to do to remove wine from clothing is spray it with stain one let it sit till the stain is gone and wash it.

Well, there you go now you know how to remove a wine stain I’m just about any fabric. always remember clean like a pro and you will get professional results.